Long lost love

AA Studio color block dress - Nude pumps Flexi - Brown bag Coach
I had forgotten about it, like a long lost love: the colour block dress had totally fallen off my radar. When I pulled it out of the closet, I totally had second thoughts about it, but when I tried it on I just asked myself how I had gone so long without it..
What was that last garment you had forgotten about that you had a long standing infatuation with ?

Colour block dresses:


Brown dress Forever 21 - Nude pumps Flexi - Brown bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors - Gold vintage ring

Get the look:

One thirty-five

Yellow blue striped dress Gap - Red flats Stradivarius - Red tote Victorinox 
For me striped cotton dresses are must haves. They are super comfortable in this crazy summer that sometimes hits 42C and I feel like I am about to faint. They're pretty much wash and wear and all you need to add is a fun bag or accessory and you're set. 
I've worn this one a lot, to a point that my cost per wear on it is about 1.35 USD, which is great and does not make me feel bad for giving it away. It's been around since May 2014 and I feel its suddenly feeling too short and too blah. While I do have an identical one in grey and yellow which I am keeping for now, I am certainly starting to look for its replacement.

Striped blue dress options:


The other day I thought about the highest purchase I have ever made on line. Got curious as I've seen six figure items listed and can only wonder who would buy a six or even five figure item on line. I would be concerned about it never getting to me (my country's postal system is almost non existent) and of course the authenticity of the item. Oh and most important, my credit card limit would not be sufficient. 

Hover or click on the below to see some mighty spectacular items at incredible prices...

Going back to the lux item purchase, I know I'd want I want to have the service that comes with a pricey purchase. The champagne that would be offered as I tried the dresses, the bags carried for me all the way to my car and such. Then again, that's just me.

I'd like to know what was your priciest on line purchase... and in case you're curious, mine was an antique and while it did not reach the five figure number, it has been my priciest yet.