Walking Lima

Before I headed out for a walk I should
 have done what Ms. Chanel is said to have
suggested one do before walking out the door:
"Look in the mirror and take one thing off.."

Jeans Zara - Blue red heart sweater Forever 21 - Red bandana - Orange Lanvin For Me Duffle bag 

Maybe it was the handkerchief at the neck, maybe the bag, or possibly
the sweater, however I could have lived without one indeed. Just too much.



Butterflies in your stomach..?
Butterfly shirt - White shorts Larry Levine -
 Bimba & Lola flats - Brown tote bag Coach
Not. Butterflies on my chest ;) 


Tied up

Lately I've been going for my 
bandanas for neck wear instead of 
the usual necklaces...
Black jeans overalls Zara - White tshirt H&M
Black and white bandana - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender -
Bucket bag Love Moschino 
Sometimes I find myself wearing both...
Are you on board with this trend ? 


Making up my mind

A black and white tshirt that dates to 2011
was my choice of wear today.
Black trousers H&M - Zebra print tshirt Nina Firenze
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black bucket bag Love Moschino
As much as I like it, its always a challenge to
 style because if I tuck it, half a zebra goes missing 
and if I don't it just looks messy.

Until I make up my mind on keeping it, 
I'll just keep on trying.