Social Media and how I shop

Green cardigan America 525 similar - Navy trousers Jones New York similar - En Creme plaid top -
Burgundy flats French Soles, these I like better
Evil eye bracelets here, here and here  - "Love" ring, identical here and here similar here 

The way we shop has changed. I know mine has, drastically. I cannot tell you if its better or worst. I can't tell you if I shop more as other things would have to be taken into consideration for it to be a valid statement. I would need previous statistics of my purchases before social media took over and other factors would be involved such as income, so I will not be going there.
However, of things I do differently is for example read product reviews and make an effort to write them, even more if the product sucks. 
For months now I have not purchased my usual magazines and my "Inspired By" posts come mostly from Pinterest, other blogs and Instagram. In my life I don't want to say one has replaced the other, well, maybe a little, but nothing beats going through the pages making notes and leaving post its here and there for further on line research of anything I might be interested in. 
If a garment in featured in an ad, the odds are I won't go for it, because I imagine everyone else will, so I stay away. If its featured in a blog and evidently a sponsored post, the same tends to happen unless I literally fall head over heels with it. 
Believe it or not I can say that 90% of my purchases are still old school: brick and mortar and the remaining 10% is via Ebay, Instagram direct sales or Instagram sales driven. The last, meaning I saw it on Instagram and went directly to the shop, whenever that is possible. 
Today I am sharing my last social media driven purchase: the evil eye bracelet bought last year previous to my current shopping ban.
What was yours ? 

Always Tea Time

Blue dress by Red Valentino, similar for a fraction of what I paid here and here  
Silver envelope clutch bag Zara, almost identical here and here similar here - United Nude EAMZ Shoes, similar here  

If I told you everything I did today you would be surprised. One of the last things I did this Saturday was get a quick blow dry and run to an Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower. I was in such a hurry - that I did not even let my hair down for pictures. Funny - or not - was that even though I was fifteen minutes late, I was the first to get there. Then again as the Mad Hatter would say "It's always tea time".

Flower print skirt

Desigual skirt similar ones here, here, here , Black v neck sweater similar ones under 12.00 USD here, here and here
Burgundy flats French Soles New York, similar here - Grey bag Salvatore Ferragamo, similar one in brown here

Somedays I will put together several outfits at a time. Others, I really am clueless on what to wear. However most of the time I make an effort on preparing what I will wear the night before, in order to avoid outfit regrets, which I have a zillion of.  This one, well you guess.. 

It's the little things

If there is something I plead guilty to is believing that there is always room for improvement, in every aspect of life. For example, how we look. One thing we can agree on is we would like to look better, maybe more polished ? Well, I will speak for myself: yes, I would. However sometimes we don't even know where to start. I say begin with the little things. Things so little sometimes we really ride them off, for example earrings. I do not know about you, but I hardly give earrings a second thought. Now, when you see a person, sit next to them or just say hello in a brief super market encounter, you usually look at their face. Earrings are usually in the picture. As part of my monthly closet edits I went through all of my costume earrings, tried them on and then took out two of them: a pair I wear very often and one I have not worn in years.

The silver clip on earrings have not been worn in ages, thought I'd throw them back in rotation so I tried them on. Stop, a blue stone is missing. So I think "nobody will notice". Wrong, if you can see the flaw, even though it's a small one it will not add to your look, but detract from it. Don't tell me you'll wear it with your hair down. Either replace that blue stone flawlessly or out they go. You really don't want to spend your evening covering your ear.  It's the little things. 
Another example is this pair of gold toned earrings, look at the picture on the left. Can you see the slit from where the earring hangs ? Now look at the picture on the right, the slit cannot be seen, the earring is positioned on the middle of the lobe and looks more polished. If the earring does not stay in place, reconsider them. The same for tarnished ones or worst, those that turn your skin green. You will not look focused if you are touching your ears all day setting the earrings back in place.  

Small adjustments can make a difference. Start small, check your earrings, try them on, how do they feel ? Will those clip ons be removed in the middle of dinner because they're too tight ? Adjust them, check out this tutorial here to loosen them, you won't look polished with red earlobes and dainty vintage Chanel earrings placed on the table next to your glass of red wine. 
A pair of earrings you are comfortable with, that fit well and look good can make huge difference. Even if its just one pair you own. Remember, it's the little things.