Same jumper 4 years later

Black and white printed jumper via Jolly Chic - Black blazer Theory "Gabe", identical here
Black tote bag Furla, similar here 
Nude patent heels Flexi, almost identical here
Sometime in 2014 I ordered this black and white print jumper. Back then I wore it twice (here and here) and that was the end, it was never worn again. Fast forward four years and I'm wearing it again, this time around with heels and a blazer. I now realise that the reason I probably never wore it in the last four years was because I never had it hemmed, the printed fabric on the bottom part of the jumper is really clingy and from the back it looks like I am wearing diapers (you really don't want a glimpse) - it's terrible ! Now, I have to say I like how it appears in pictures and that after another wear it's going on consignment.

Double Gs

Zig zag dress Intrigue - Black block heel velvet shoes Juicy Couture, similar - Black tote bag Furla -
Black and white blazer Suzy Shier, similar - Gucci sunglasses - Belt here
Belt, here - Lavender nail varnish Sally Hansen, here  - Ruby and Amethyst gold ring, similar 

Went to the mall a few weeks ago and walked into the Gucci store. Looked around and asked to see some really cool tricolor headbands and then a particular belt. I fell in love until I saw the price tag. Don't get me wrong, the price of something is whatever you are willing to pay for it and in my case as much as I loved the belt I'd have to wear it at least 400 times to get a good cost per wear. So, I walked out of the store empty handed and a week later while reading Laura's blog, she was wearing the double G belt and she mentioned it was a dupe, it looked so good
I was tempted, but these days I do not buy dupes (or so I say). Sure there was a time when  going to Canal Street was a must when visiting New York. Along the way I decided if I wanted something that was expensive/designer either I saved up or bought it from consignment shops when the price was lower. So, I had been looking for this belt on consignment shops, found it and actually missed out as when I got there one belt was sold and the other was too big.
So, yes. I confess, I fell for a dupe and hit that "buy it now" button in a blink of an eye for this belt , it cost less than 5% of the real product price. . 
Today is my first time wearing it and I do plan to continue trying to find the real thing, but in the meantime this is it.
Your turn, ever fall for a dupe ? 

Linking to Top of the World Style

Same day today

Talk about a good throw back, here is what I was wearing in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 the exact same day as today.
Below is the 2010 #OOTD, not a single item of the clothes I am wearing remain in my closet. Just the accessories are still around.
Of the 2011 #OOTD below, the white blouse and printed scarf still remain in my closet, the rest is long gone..
Moving on to 2012, the only two pieces that are still around from this #OOTD in yellow top are the sunglasses and the jeans...
Finally from the 2013 archives below, the only thing left are the bright yellow shoes.

If you were to do this today, what percentage of your clothes do you think would still be around?