Pending to wear..

I did a quick check on new items that entered the closet from January to October 2016, I did not dare count the 2016 November purchases. Happens I have not worn many, too many of them. They come from all walks of life, some are thrifted, birthday gifts, purchases while traveling... 
I separated them into categories and dresses was the one I had the most of, that being 6 and I am not even counting the other new dresses I have in the closet from 2015, also unworn. Most the below are pretty casual, so I am not sure what it is I am waiting for to wear them..
The next category was belts, four of them. Seems like I'm not wearing belts lately... period. 
Next up were accessories, followed by tops and trousers...
This makes no sense, so over the following days I will be making an effort to put these items into rotation.  I'd love to know how many items you have still unworn in your closet... maybe I won't feel that bad.

The Spanish Pearl

Black pull up jeans Levi's - White white lace button down shirt Tramp - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently acquired several jewellery trays with the idea of getting all of my costume jewellery in order. This led me to search drawers and the more drawers I opened, the more stuff I found. One of the things I came across was a velvet choker that I had originally purchased to use the cameo pendant that came with it. Another, was this teardrop pearl hook. This pearl pendant from Madrid was a Christmas present from my MIL, who passed away. It now seems to be have been a lifetime away.

Pearl & Velvet chokers:

Orange coral

Wera Stockholm vintage skirt - Cream top George - Nude heels Flex - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 

Over the weekend I came across some really fabulous jewellery storage trays and came home excited to put them to work. What happened next was unimaginable: I could not fit the stuff in the trays and as I continued to explore other drawers that supposedly hold other things and not my custom jewellery, more necklaces, tassels, pins, rings .. they just kept on popping out. One of the finds was this vintage orange coral necklace. If I recall correctly its from the 1960's or 70's and use to belong to one of my grandmother's sisters. I found it sometime in the early 90's in one of my grandmother's multiple jewellery boxes and chests and I know it was not hers because she does not wear costume jewellery and I have had it ever since. Today it was showtime. 

Vintage and vintage like coral necklaces:

All things velvet

I've always loved velvet. Funny thing considering I live in a country where half of the year its summer and the other it just rains.  But I can always get away with it at work because of the freezing a/c... Over the years I have amassed an interesting collection of velvet items that range from necklaces, cuffs, shoes, dresses, skirts, blazers, handbags and even sunglasses ;)  Here's a few of them:


Similar velvet blazers: 


Similar velvet skirts:

Velvet sunglasses:

Similar velvet sunglasses:

Velvet Handbags:

Similar velvet handbags:

Velvet handcuffs:

All kinds of velvet handcuffs:

Velvet shoes:

All kinds of velvet shoes:

Velvet dresses:

Great velvet dresses:

Oh and my latest closet addition is also velvet: a pair of black Express velvet trousers that I hope to wear soon...